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Thursday Night CYC Sailboat Racing

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Corinthian Yacht Club of Bellingham's Thursday night races are intended to be casual, fun and friendly. CYC members and members of other local yacht clubs are eligible to participate.All racers should read the Racing Instructions, aka Sailing Instructions, aka S.I.s, in the racing packet (posted below) and compete in the manner they were intended.

Races begin at 6pm at the yellow “outfall” buoy in the middle of Bellingham Bay. Check in with the race committee boat at the start of the course before 6 pm, and listen in on VHF Channel 69 for the night’s race course and other instructions. We typically have three fleets: PHRF A, PHRF B, and Cruising/No-Flying-Sails, with three starts, five minutes apart. Each fleet has its own start. However, we sometimes have one, two or four starts and fleets, so it’s important to keep in touch with the CYC racing committee by email or on Channel 69.

Thursday evening races are to be friendly, fun and casual. We sail friendly. It’s what sets us apart.

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The committee boat is usually a volunteered vessel. There is no protest committee. However, an adherence to the US Sailing Association rules is important for all racers so that we can all enjoy the evening — and avoid accidents that hurt people and/or damage boats.

If you’re new to racing, consider volunteering with the CYC race committee for a series or two to get a feel for how our Thursday night races go. The help will be greatly appreciated since we are all volunteers.

Learn more about registering and/or volunteering for the race committee: Contact Racing Chair Sean Jones

We look forward to seeing you on the water Thursday nights!

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We sail friendly. It's what sets us apart!


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